Christine Seals, MD

Dr. Christine Seals is a practicing Family Medicine Physician and serves as Medical Director for Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI).  She has an in-depth knowledge of whole-person care and a great passion for this work. Dr. Seals combines her clinical expertise of physical health with that of behavioral health to guide health integration initiatives within GOBHI counties as well as within the State of Oregon. Dr. Seal’s expertise allows her to blend the different cultures among behavioral and physical health practitioners into a new culture of integrated health care. She uses data to help practitioners in both fields understand the benefits of health integration for patients, for providers, and the system of care. In addition, Dr. Seals helps practitioners develop integrated clinics, address barriers to implementation, and measure the impact of health reform.
Highlights of her work include:
  • Chair of Oregon’s Clinical Advisory Panel – Committee of medical directors working on health transformation through the development of metrics, policies and procedures.
  • Medical Director at Umqua Health Alliance CCO where she leads health integration efforts
  • Participation in statewide workgroup to develop the CCO Metrics, including fine tuning and imbedding the metrics in a community wide EMR
  • President of Community Health Alliance, a behavioral health organization, at the time of the UCC shooting. Dr. Seals mobilized a collaborative response to a massive community tragedy.
Dr. Seals’ caring approach to patient-centered care is reminiscent of when doctors used to make house calls. Her expertise in multisystem care and data-driven decision makes her a leader in whole-person care.