Pendleton School Based Health Centers Transferring Medical Sponsorship to Columbia River Health

You may have seen the recent press release in the East Oregonian (copied below) announcing that Columbia River Health will be taking over as medical sponsor of the Pendleton School Based Health Centers this summer.  We want to say that we’re excited to be able to provide this very important service and we’re looking forward to getting started!

“Umatilla County – Umatilla County Health Department (UCo Health) has operated the Pendleton School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) located at  Pendleton High School and Sunridge Middle School for almost 20 years in partnership with Pendleton School District and CHI St. Anthony Hospital. Together, the partners have established an access point for students to receive healthcare services they need, including behavioral healthcare, while minimizing time away from the classroom.
Recently, Columbia River Health in Boardman has joined this successful partnership by providing a Nurse Practitioner to see and treat students at the SBHC.  Through this partnership, Columbia River Health (CRH) has expressed an interest in becoming the medical sponsor for both SBHC sites in order to take on a greater role in the management and operations of the clinics.  UCo Health, Pendleton School District, and CHI St. Anthony Hospital are all supportive of the medical sponsorship transition. “We are excited about this partnership and opportunity. We look forward in helping to provide these services to the children of Pendleton”, states, Seth Whitmer, CEO of Columbia River Health.
Through their role as the medical sponsor, CRH hopes to draw upon their resources and expertise to strengthen the services that students will be able to receive or access through the clinics. James Setzer, UCo Health Director, states “Transitioning the medical sponsorship to CRH will promote sustainability of the SBHCs into the future”.
Funding for the SBHC sites will continue to be channeled through Umatilla County Health Department, who will continue to actively participate in the SBHC operations through a supportive and administrative oversight capacity. Additional funding will continue to be provided by CHI St. Anthony Hospital. Space for the SBHC sites is provided by Pendleton School District as an in-kind donation. All other operations of the SBHC clinics will be provided by Columbia River Health effective July 1, 2018.
Parents and students of Pendleton School District can expect operations of the SBHC sites to look similar to current standards for the upcoming school year. Each SBHC will continue to be required to meet the Oregon Health Authority Certification Standards as a part of their ongoing funding.”